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Talarn, a medieval village on top of a hill.

The village of Talarn began as a Celtic fortress erected in the 7th century AD. It was built on the top of a hill and, around the old castle, a small village grew up which, in time, became one of the most important centres of population in the region.

The village, although small, is very lively, and throughout the year several fairs and festivities are held, such as the Saint Sebastian Pilgrimage (January), the Carnival Rancho (February), the Good Friday Procession (Easter), the Circus Fair (May), the Pyrenean Wine Fair (June), the Main Festival in August and a gastronomic event in November.

The village of Talarn has 3 restaurants. One specialising in pasta (La Peña), a Japanese restaurant (Ryokan) and Casa Lola (0 km home cooking). The nearest restaurant-bar to the Grace flat or to L'Amagatall is just a minute's walk away, and the nearest supermarket (in Tremp) can be reached in 20 minutes on foot or 3 minutes by car (1.8 km). The village also has a municipal swimming pool with bar/restaurant and views over the valley.

You can visit popular tourist destinations in the area such as the Sant Antoni reservoir, where you can go hiking, bird watching, sports and kayaking (9 minutes by car, 7.2 km), the Vall Fosca (29 minutes by car, 29.8 km) and the Mont Rebei Gorge (45 minutes by car, 46.2 km), which has a car park where you can leave your car all day long.

We recommend you to visit the Epicentre as the regional tourist office, where you will be given all the information and cultural, leisure and recreational agenda.

In the cultural field we also recommend you the Castle of Mur or the Museum Shops of Salàs, among others.