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Tremp and the Pallars Jussà

Tremp is a small regional capital: Pallars Jussà. Even having the appearance of a village, it has all the services of a city, with the advantage of being surrounded by a fantastic natural environment. In the town you will find several large supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and bakeries. Of course, you will also find an old town with all the shops of the local trade necessary for the day by day.

The most atmospheric place in Tremp, ideal for socializing, is Rambla Doctor Pearson, better known as "Lo passeig". On the other hand, Tremp has a hospital, court, waiter station, bookstores, library and even a cinema / theater.

Getting around Tremp can be done perfectly on foot or by bicycle, and a car is essential to get around the region. On the other hand, to get to Tremp you can also do it by train from Lleida.

Nearby places of interest: Mont-Rebei, Montsec, the Valley of the vultures, Sant Antoni and Terradets reservoirs, the area of ​​the dinosaurs, the Boumort National Reserve, Collegats / Boumort, La Vall Fosca, the Train of the Lakes. Remember that we are in Geoparc and Starlight territory.


Map of tremp:

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Here you will find all the information about the landscape, the activities and the agenda of the Pallars Jussà regionhttps://www.pallarsjussa.net




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Tremp and the Pallars Jussà